All aluminium and glass products that we are asked to manufacture and install are engineered to the highest standard.

We have a long standing relationship with our engineer George Frame, of GS Frame Engineers. George is highly respected in the industry and has over 30 years experience.

As codes and standards are changing we have to update our design criteria accordingly. The new glass standard is one of the newest changes. AS 1288 2006 has toughened up all the applications for glass in balustrade , which was well overdue.

Don’t risk it , make sure you get it signed off by a structural engineer.





Safety is of the utmost importance for any job that we are doing. We spend a lot of time and resources on providing the public and our own workers with a safe work environment.

All our workers have completed the relevant course for our type of works

  • Blue card

  • Harness training

  • Working at heights.

We hold regular meetings to update our workforce on any new procedures and to get feedback from the guys onsite.

We work closely with an independent work place health and safety consultant which overseas our planning and procedures for specific jobs.

There is just no cutting corners with safety.

Please ask all prospective contractors to produce a full safety plan with work method statements explaining how they are going to complete the works and protect their workers and the public.

BSA licence 1126500


NSW fair trading licence 1257560


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